Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meet Moochie the Poochie

Meet the newest member of our family -  Moochie Carlson. 

I met him while leaving a restaurant in San Blas.  As I was getting into my car I heard something crying and looked up to see a tiny little black and tan dog limping my way from under the car in front of me. He had patches of hair missing, a badly broken leg and was hungry and very thirsty.  He looked up at me begging me to show him some mercy.  He became our dog as soon as our eyes met.  We already have 6 dogs so it's not an easy decision to add another.

The next day we took Moochie on a 2 hour drive to the vet in Tepic.  He checked  Moochie's leg and said it had been broken for a while and was already healed in place (about a 45 degree angle from straight).  I asked if he could re-break the leg and straighten it.  He said there was the possibility of nerve damage if he did.  He told us Moochie would adapt to walking on three legs and be just fine.  He gave him a worm shot and some shampoo for the skin problems.

Back home the other dogs weren't happy about the newest member of the pack.   They weren't really sure what it was.  The females nipped at him and let him know he wasn't needed or welcome.  The other dogs did their best to avoid him.  Moochie adapted right away and made himself at home.  He was oblivious of the other dogs' unwelcoming signals.   He was perpetually friendly and energetic.  Teething puppies bite everything.  Eventually Penny, our fluffy-not fat-chow-pitbull mix adopted him and became Moochie's own personal Beenie Baby.  Penny has rolls of fat in all the right places so Moochie can chew on her with out causing her a lot of discomfort.  She chews back in a very gentle way.

After a few baths Moochie's skin problems cleared up and now he has a beautiful, shiny, black coat.   We put him on a diet of hamburger, yogurt and fresh eggs with dry dog food when ever he wants it.

In the beginning Moochie had an darling little bark which sounded like: "Maf-maf."   It's becoming more adult-sounding.  He's changing before our eyes as babies do.  He delights us with his antics and we have taken lots of pictures to remember his puppy days.  He's already reached the big boy stage where he avoids mushy stuff like hugs and kisses.  You've got to get them while you can and he puts up with us.  

Moochie follows us everywhere:  up the stairs, down the stairs, all over the farm.  Along the way, a nice little miracle happened.  His leg became straight and there is no trace of the break.  He's perfect.

We're not sure what Moochie's lineage is. He's husky like a Rottweiler, but not quite a Rottweiler, so we've decided he's a Ratweiler, a breed of his own.

Where did we get the name Moochie?  It's a variation of "muchisimas!" And he is!