Friday, June 17, 2011

midnight rambler

It's election time again in Mexico, lots of loudspeakers blaring all the good reasons to vote for one candidate or the other.  One of the candidates for governor had a pretty nice pitch.  He offered a free outdoor movie with equally free popcorn and soft drinks.  I'd vote for him if I could.

We're busy getting ready for the rainy season.  Tomorrow we'll peel 7 years of plasticized roof coating off the cono and see what kind of a creative solution we can come up with.  I'm picking up Raul from San Blas at 9.  He's a wizard at sealing things up.  He has these wonderful mixes of white cement, sealer, ground marble and eye of newt.  It works.

It's been the usual balancing act with water.  Things get hot and dry just before the rain and it's a full time job keeping all the plants watered up.  Just got to get them to the rainy season.  Everyone is predicting around the 25th.  There are some whistling bugs that always start up just before the rain and they're whistling away.  Another good sign is the return of the lightening bugs.  I don't know where they go but they're faithful to show up every year.  I imagine they are calling to me to keep on just a little bit longer.

I've been working on the chicken houses.  Got lots of new Costa Rican babies and we have to house them somewhere safe until they're big enough to fend for themselves.  They're tasty little snacks for lots of night creatures.   One momma wants to perch outside on a branch with her 7 babies packed together under her wings.  I want her and the babies to sleep in the safe house I just built them.  At first I tried rounding them up while it was still light enough to see them.  It was pure comedy.   I'd get a few in the house and before I got back with more they had popped the door opened and escaped.  I'd eventually get them but what a job.  One night I got back after dark and went out to put them to bed.  They were perched on a branch under mom.  I had my 52-LED headlamp on and they calmly sat there as I scooped a handful of momma and four babies.  Nothing to it.  I put them to bed and went back for the other 3 who waited patiently for me.  It's as easy as picking mangoes.  They don't struggle at all.  I can see how the possums have an easy time of picking them off.

Next week Moochie Poochie is going in to have his pride and joys removed.  Our females are neutered but the vets left the ovaries so they still come in heat.  Big problem.  Coming down the stairs the other evening, Moochie and Winky got into it.  Fur was flying.  Amaranth was in the middle of it and got bit by one or both of her beloved babies when she tried to break it up.  I showed up with a big voice and everyone went to their corners.  Amaranth is a little sore but alright and the doggies are properly chaste.

We've had a bumper crop of lychees this year.  Imagine being able to eat all you want freshly picked drom the tree.  For those of you who don't know lychees, they're a tropical fruit the size of a small hens egg.  You peel off the bumpy, bright red shell and inside it's like a peeled grape with a seed in the middle.  You can't stop eating them.  Luckily we have 5 trees to keep us supplied.

Well, it's a couple minutes before midnight.  Better hit the hay.  5 o'clock comes soon enough.