Tuesday, December 16, 2008

good evening

Well, it's a bit later and I'm back at it again. In the intervening days I've been up to the states and back again. I took advantage of all of the wonderful food items available at asian market in Phoenix. It's amazing how many kinds of rice there are. I loaded both of my suitcases full of rare goodies and caught a plane back home.
We have four volunteers here right now. One from England, another from Scotland, another from Germany and one from Australia. My chance to practice my accents. They're a hard working crew and things are very tidy looking around here. It's a lot of work to keep ahead of them. Tomorrow, as a reward, we're going to pick coffee. They're all very excited about the prospect of picking, processing and drinking a cup of your own coffee. Amaranth and I are too. The coffee plants are over 10 years old. The branches are loaded with beautiful red coffee berries. It's a very fun and satisfying thing to grow something that most people have to buy from the grocery store. Our farm is laden with many wonderful things to eat.
Today while cleaning up the gardens in front of the house I came across a tree that I didn't plant. A bird probably dropped the seed. At first I was going to pull it up but when I brushed up against it a lovely perfume swirled around my head. I searched out the source of this wonderful smell and found it was coming from the delicate white flowers decorating this small tree. I sat down and closed my eyes enjoying the pleasant aroma. I don't know the name of this tree but it has a permanent place with us. I love the way nature springs its surprises on me.

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