Friday, February 13, 2009

Make room for more....

While Wally puts in the foundation for yet another chicken house we have 10 additions to the family. Our miniature Costa Rican hen hatched 4 blacks and 6 striped chicks - the striped ones look like little sparrows. We slipped the 11th egg under a regular size hen that insists on brooding so another chick may still come along.
Our chickens enjoy deluxe quarters. Wally has built several palm-thatched chicken houses that make you imagine chickens on vacation sipping margaritas by the pool. This new house is made to last. It's construction is of cement and steel. This one is bigger and better and another effort at reducing labor later. I'm sure Wally will give it extra pizzaz with a little paint and a palm branch skirt - he can't help himself.

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