Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fashion for farmwomen...

I just found 6 mud cocoons stuck to my apron. Two were empty. I was curious what kind of creature was inside and found that each one contained a folded-up spider. I had noticed two in the kitchen yesterday and they were as large as silver dollars. Now I know from whence they came. This apron is multifunctional. Whenever I have a little chick or duckling with an injury or in need of TLC I carry it with me in the pockets of my apron until it's stronger. I'm a cross-species marsupial.

Speaking of aprons - aren't they wonderful? I love wearing them. I took my mother's favorite which was getting threadbare and cut out a new one using it as a pattern. I chose a fabric with giant creamy white peonies on a wine-colored background with silver-green leaves. She wears it everyday and especially when she eats because it protects her clothes if she's dressed to go out later. It's an apron/bib.

I have a little daydream of being an apron designer and starting a movement to bring style into the kitchen. Picture it: sassy, normal-size women, maybe with a wooden spoon or a rolling pin making the fashion walk in half and full aprons, with pockets, ruffles, and crisp bows tied in the back. Every woman would want one!

This little number in the photo was a gift from my friend, Janice. It's from Oaxaca and the design is embroidered. She also gave me another favorite: a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo - World Championship Bar-B-Q Cook-off apron. Picante!

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