Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wally's birthday!

I had a little surprise gathering to celebrate Wally's birthday.  It was at a ramada on the river just below our property - a lovely green, cool, and pristine spot.  This time of year, the ocean water is very warm and not very refreshing, but with the rains, the river is flush with fresh, mountain water that is always cool.  When it's hot it's the place to be.  Just the sound of the water makes you feel cool.
It was also our friend, Adan's birthday.  He is a farmer too.  We roasted them both with a new rendition of Hello Dolly, only it was Hello Wally.  We passed out song sheets so everybody joined in  the singing.  I forgot to look at Wally while we were singing because I was intent on getting the lyrics right.  I wish I saw his face.  Anyway, you can see, he had a happy, happy birthday.
And these are happy days for us.  The farm is flourishing.  Wally's birthday present was several more exotic fruit trees.  This week Wally inventoried our trees and came up with 110 varieties, and there are some he didn't include.  This is Wally's passion.  He loves tending his nursery and walking around the property assessing each tree.  In the course of doing that he sees a day-full of other wonders.  When he comes in, he tells me what he's seen or he brings me something which he makes me close my eyes as he puts it in my hands.  Today he described a small hibiscus that is blooming for the first time.  He started the plant from a cutting.  It is a pure pink with a tinge of lavender and a white stamen with yellow velvet anthers. 

Today we also celebrate the first day of our great-nephew, Charlie.  Charlie came into the world to the welcome of many loving arms and joy-full anticipation.  Makes our hearts brimming-full to think about the love that envelopes his life from the beginning.  Wish we could all realize how infinitely precious our lives are to one another.  I like what e e cummings said, "be of love a little more careful than of anything."  Be as careful of love as we are of newborns.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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