Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From deluge to delight...

While Wally was delirious with dengue, I was with my mother in Tucson.  The rains at home were so heavy that the rivers swelled into the area villages taking out bridges and breaking up the roads.  There were several big mud slides too.  I worried about Wally, but it wasn't possible to get home.  Others tried to get in from the airport in Puerto Vallarta and were redirected inland to Guadalajara to travel by bus to Tepic, but that was as far as they got.  It was a grandote mess and the roads are treacherous.  The rains ended a week after my return and to our everyone's relief.
The clouds have been blown away to skies that are clear and blue, blue, blue.  It is the beginning of our favorite part of the year.  The weather turns heavenly and everything growing is at the peak of vibrancy after a long drink and a break from the heat. 

And there's the revamping of the house.  100% humidity takes a toll on everything.  I've been in a cleaning frenzy ever since I got home.  It's purge-time.  I'm feeling lighter.  I'm looking forward to living in the open air and moving the furniture outside.  This year, we will have to paint the inside and outside again.  The harsh sun and the heavy, wind-driven rains of the last 6 years have scoured the outside.  But Wally and I love changing colors!

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