Thursday, June 21, 2012

Meet Kevin...

Okay, it's not a common name for a dog.  And it's not a name that ends in "-ie" like ALL our other rescued dogs.  And this makes 8...  NOW my son says I've got a problem... I know, I know.  He can't reconcile the mom with white furniture to the mom with a crazy amount of dogs.

But, my excuses are you have to live here to understand.  It's a harsh world.  Also, I have a husband who will NOT turn away from suffering no matter how inconvenient or gross or what variety of life form.  He is my shining hero. I just follow  -  mostly fearfully and reluctantly.  I want to turn my face away but then I watch him and I want to help and that's how it happens that we take home another ragamuffin... named Kevin.  

I never regret it.

Another hero, Joan Chittister says, "Everyday the suffering of the world look to the secure of the world to save them from even more disaster. It is not our job to work miracles but it is our task to try."  

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