Sunday, July 22, 2012

I had a perfect day today.  This is what I made - a bold crocheted bag made with plastic raffia and lined with a Chanel scarf I never wear.  

I was planning to be on a bus heading north to visit my mom, but strong wind broke a large window in the kitchen... can't be without a window in the rainy season.  The break was on the mountain side of the house where the prevailing wind and rain give us a pounding this time of year.

Wally will get the window fixed in the capital but because this is Sunday nothing will be open so the earliest chance is tomorrow.  No sense in making two trips two hours away two days in a row, so I got this gift of a free day. 
What made the day perfect is not so much the satisfaction of finishing a project but the process of creating, the joy of getting lost in time and thought, all comes together and this is the memorial.  It looks as happy as I feel.

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