Thursday, September 6, 2012

There are so many beautiful, rare visual experiences here.  I am not good about carrying a camara with me.  It's just as well because when you are thinking "where's my camara?"  you are not 100% in the moment of awe, so, I try to imprint these moments with all my senses, taking it in so I can re-member it as full and deeply as I can.  Maybe it will flash before me in a near death experience. I'm building an interior library of them so that when my life passes before my eyes it will be good!

Wally tells of hiking deep into the mountains in the winter and hearing the deafening crack of an avalanche. His first instinct was panic because there's no running in snow shoes.  Then he thought if these were his last moments he wanted to take it all in.  He got a rare thrill.  Thankfully, it wasn't his time.  I'm glad to know about his flash decision because that is the option I would hope to choose.  I have the advantage of practicing this in advance as I'm not so good at making flash decisions.

So turn on your imagination... this is only as good as your ability to see and savor, then it becomes your experience and part of your library.

Before dawn, in this past, full blue moon, I watched a lightening storm.  The strobing of the lightening lit up the ocean in a glorious light show while the moon was constant and calmly watching.   

I watched a bright and blazing sunset through a torrent of rain, where drops of water were tiny optic glasses that intensified and fractured the changing colors.

Sunset colors and leaf shapes dance on the bedroom wall.

Early one morning, after a night of rain the ocean in front of us was softly patterned in shades of aqua and turquoise where the shallow and deep waters lay calm, exhausted.  The air was scrubbed clean and my lungs couldn't hold as much deliciously crisp oxygen as I craved.  The whole world was sharply in focus.  Later, the ocean turned brown as the overflow from the mountains flowed into the river. Brown, aqua and turquoise sea and a tender blue sky, all together extraordinarily memorable.

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