Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wally and his honeys...

We spent some time with our friends on Sunday afternoon. They recently adopted 3 children whose mother was killed by a hit and run driver.

The youngest, Leah, is a darling dumpling and she is foot-charmed by Wally's tickley beard.  His overall pockets are just right for little hands to go searching for treasures.  Those pockets occupied her with their zipper and snaps.

And not only a charmer of black haired, brown-eyed girls, blonds love him too! 
This is Honey.  She's a dog we brought back from near death.  She had parvo and simply wanted to be left alone to die, but Wally would not give up on her and kept her hydrated round the clock.  After 5 days she got her will to live back and now she loves him with a passion.  She is one of many dogs that we have rescued and found homes for that love, love, love us.

Last week, another rescue dog which we found a home for went missing and her owner found her in a well uncovered and hidden in tall grass.  She had been treading water and clawing the walls trying to climb out for many hours.  When we heard that she had been found we went to check on her.  She climbed into Wally's lap and buried her head in his arms to be comforted.  He was the medicine that did her the most good and he knew she needed him.  

We treated her with homeopathic remedies for trauma and her feet. She had worn her toes nails to the quick.  We thought she probably took in bad water too and so we treated her for that as well.  She will be fine.

It's really nice that we can see our dog friends when we visit our people friends.  Inter-species friendships make everyone richer.

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