Saturday, June 26, 2010

New name, new address

A friend recently asked us to give refuge to a yellow-headed parrot that was threatened by his neighbors.  We were excited to have a parrot.  There was a problem though.  He didn't like men.  It's obvious that he had suffered from being mistreated.  The parrot loved and trusted me but was jealous and obnoxious when Wally was around.  I figured it would take a little time to re-train him.  When another friend and my best egg customer, Roxanne, called, I told her about our new family member and she told me that she used to have a yellow-head named Wally!  She had named him for a dear friend, Wallace.  Roxanne had a terrible accident. She was hit by a car when walking and three back surgeries later she is bent over in the middle and uses a walker.  She lives alone and I know that she gets lonely, unable to get around.  Her friend and her parrot are gone now.  Well, it seemed like a sign from God.  This parrot of ours would be a good match for Roxanne and she would be more attentive than I could be.  When Wally called to give her the parrot she was overcome with joy.  On their first meeting they took to each other like dear friends and she named him Wally.   I will enjoy seeing Wally the parrot when we deliver eggs each week to Roxanne.  And if she is not able to take care of him in the future he will come back to me, hopefully a reformed man-hater. 

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