Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Our new family member is becoming more relaxed and open to explore.  We were told that he has lived in freedom, feeding himself and living outdoors, but he doesn't fly. We put him in a large cage for the first day and then let him out during the day to explore the kitchen and veranda.  He seems to be very happy.  He likes to be wherever I am and if he hears me and I'm not in sight he gives a high scream.  He also does this when I'm on the phone.  For having been independent he seems to prefer company and attention.  He is wild though.  He bit Wally hard when he reached towards him with a perch.  Since he doesn't fly he gets around climbing with his beak to pull him up.  In addition to his scream for attention, his repertoire also includes "Paco" with his voice raising on the second syllable in a coarse and irritated manner.  Guess Paco was in trouble a lot. He also says "huevon" which means lazy - I can see a story shaping.  Another expression sounds a bit like a curse, so our new colorful member will be undergoing some reformation.  Yesterday he was drawn to the classical music playing on the XM radio.  I moved a chair in front of the radio and used it as a perch.  He sat there and made sweet little murmurs nodding to the music.  He can make some lovely purring sounds when he is content.  We are still waiting for a name to come to us, a name that will match his personality, which he reveals more each day.

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