Sunday, June 20, 2010

Problems of paradise

One of the events of the rainy season is the flying termites.  When the rains come the crowded nests get stirred up and some of the termites get wings and take off by the millions.  What you have is a big mess because they die by the millions too and do you know what you get when you have millions of dead and dying termites?   -  a gazillion wings in every nook and crook and cranny, on every surface flat and vertical.  If you try to sweep them up the wings take flight again without the termite attached.  Once I dumped a dustpan of wings over the edge of my veranda and they floated up and across the veranda again!  The ants come in for the bodies of the termites so they get swept up too. This is a unique housekeeping problem during the rains.  I won't take a photo of this phenomena as it isn't a pretty picture.

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