Sunday, June 27, 2010

Overall denim blues...

I tackled my heaped-up mending basket - all denim overalls in every kind of disrepair.  I save the most ragged overalls for the hardware.  Basically when they are worn out that's the only thing left.  One day I may take all these worn out overalls and turn them into art by fiberglassing them in a standing position and lining the driveway on both sides. 

It's getting difficult to find good overalls these days.  Wally has always depended on thrift stores to keep him clothed but the last few times we've checked we haven't found any or we settle on ex-large ladies overalls (no zipper).  Might be worth a trip to Iowa.  What are farmers wearing these days?

Wally says they are the perfect clothing.  He likes them baggy so that he has lots of moving room and ventilation.   That's the Scotsman in him - the kilt is in his genes.  He also likes all the pockets and says it's like wearing a purse.  I thoroughly check those pockets before I launder.  Sometimes there's enough dirt to grow sweet potatoes and enough gravel to mix cement, not to mention popsicle wrappers, feathers, wire, irrigation parts and toothpicks.

He is so partial to them that once when he was down to nothing to wear, he took a pair of Levi's with a 44" waist and sewed a bib on them from overalls that had worn legs.

Most people know this about us, when we got married we both wore overalls!   For me it was a meaningful way to show my acceptance and commitment to Wally.  He's always going to be an overall-man and now and forever, I'm one of him.

If anyone out there is garage sale-ing or thrift-store shopping and comes across some overalls you'd be doing me a huge favor to shop for me.  I have a 3'x3' space where my mending basket now sits that I'd rather use for an easel. 

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