Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday lunch special - everybody is lunch!

If you sit still for a little while you will be surprised at what you will see.  We sat down together to rest on the veranda.  We turned our chairs to face the kitchen rather than the ocean.  We were watching the parrot climb up and down the door frame.  He maneuvers very well using his beak as another appendage.  He's smart and daring too.  As we watched, two geckos in a death grip grabbed our attention.  One of them had the other by the neck and I could see blood.  As they wrestled they fell from the top of the wall in a free fall and landed on the same wall several feet below.  Now, how did they do that?  They were flying through space - how could they grab onto the vertical plane from which they were loosed?  As we discussed the physics of that feat a large head appeared at the top of the wall.  We were not the only ones watching.  There was a large and ugly iguana with an upper body shaped like a moray eel.  We watched him take in the whole scene: the geckos, the parrot and us.  He was watching us and we were watching him.  He had been planning to settle the gecko dispute by democratically eating them both but then no one expected that free fall.  The iguana moved across the beams of the kitchen roof.  We could hear him and occasionally we could see him.  Then we noticed that there was another creature in on this event -  a gorgeous, sleek, electric-green iguana.  She was on the farthest end of the wall.  What we began to realize was she was Plan B for the moray-eel-head-iguana, but she sensed danger and dove out the back way.  Now that the big iguana was some distance from the geckos they made their move.  One was bloody and the parrot had his eye on him, and the other slipped quickly under the freezer.  What a drama!  We witnessed a showdown, an acrobatic miracle, a prowling bully and a beauty in fear of her life.  It's hard to get any rest for all the stimulation!

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